Nikola Girke Gives Back While She Competes at Olympics

Donors who join her in supporting four charities will get their donations doubled

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Phil Soltysiak's PWA Season

Canada's own PWA Windsurf Pro, Phil Soltysiak, runs down his 2011 PWA season. Check out the highlights, video and images and follow him on Twitter.

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For Sale: Lightly Used Board & Sail

Buy & Sell that board or sail or ming'n wetsuit through WindsurfCanada Classifieds. Be sure to upload images of your gear for best results.

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Wonder Where to Sail?

Ever wonder '...where do people sail in PEI? What winds work best at Beaverton..." Sailing spots are just a click away.

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Wind is Forecasted

We got your 48 hour wind forecast. Sourced from major weather services, check out what wind is where.

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The Forum

Join in the conversation, connect with sailors near you and get the heads-up who sailing where and when. The Windsurf Canada forum is the place to meet and greet.

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