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ever feel..

Sturgeon Lake west of Bobcaygeon

like not going out, but you do, and youre glad you did?

that was me today ... kinda cold, cloudy, some sun.. but good and breezy..

really powered most of the time on the equipe/7.5 combo.

i know, no smackin' the lip, carvin' faces or anything like, just more railing, cruisin' and planing.. and trying to jibe that thing a little bit better.. and get more time with the gloves on, got to get used to that.

anyway, a nice late day session..and sure beats going to a gym for a workout.

Weather Conditions

cold, clouds and some sun

The Day at a Glance


  N 10-20 8




  equipe/7.5 prisma


  1 hrs.

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