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No Dome No Worries

Georgian Bay Allenwood Beach

Another solid day on the bay. Each time I thought it may dome the wind kicked in again. No other windsurfers just about 5 kiters today. Waves once again needed more time to mature on the outside, inside waves were clean setting up some nice air time and clean wave rides. Wind seemed to be just on the verge all day of going off. Finally a session with no hood or gloves. Water was warm. One kiter was wearing a shortie. Certainly leaves you wanting more. Back and forth between the FSW and the quad depending on wind strength and direction. This combo has been working really well for me, thankfully I kept the single fin board for such occasions. Missed you Hangloose..... next time buddy!

Weather Conditions

Warm conditions and decent wind and waves, solid session.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 16-20 11




  92L JP Quad / 95L Fanatic FSW/5.8 NP Alpha


  3 hrs. 30 min.

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