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Parking Lot Pond, and Lake Ontario Bomanville and Port Hope

great day.. morning skatesail at bomanville.. first time since christmas, got an hour and a quarter before i got too tired, and it got too windy, overpowered on the 4.2. but got 20km in, thats a lot of jibe practice in a short time..

one of my better skatesail sessions!

i know, technically its not time on water, but its still windsurfing to me, so im counting it! : )

home, quick bite to eat..

grabbed the 'new' raceboard.. the fanatic mega cat, the 'goto' board, the kona 11'5''.. and my 'new' north prisma 7.5.. mid 90s vintage, and headed to the beach.

rigged the 7.5 and the fanatic, first impression, an easier board to sail than the equipe, better daggerboard, and mastrack, but much worse nonskid, and discovered the universal has a double locking device, and if you dont use it and lock it properly, the mastbase will pop out.. : P fortunately it happened in close to shore, so no real dramas.

byt that time i was well overpowered anyway, so i went down to my waveboard, ; ) the kona what a completely different longboard experience.. much easier to sail, and jibe.

finally was too overpowered on that too..but by that time it had clouded over, and felt much colder.. so called it a day.

but middle of march, an hour and a half sailing in a shortsleeve wetsuit, no hood, and no bizarre.

Weather Conditions

sunny, breezy, warmish

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 10-20 10




  gravity 46, fanatic megacat and kona 11 5/north 4.2, and prisma 7.5


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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