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parking lot Bomanville

i really intended to get on the water today, seemed breezy, but in the process of rushing to grab my gear out of the garage, i managed to bang my cold water goto board (kona 11 5) and put two holes in the bottom, right to the foam....arrhhg!! : P

it didnt seem windy enough consistently for a smaller board, and since the mastbase popped out of my 'new' mega cat last time out ,i didnt want to test that again in coldwater..just in case

ahhhhh, whatcha gonna do..?

so finally grabbed the skateboard and hit the parking lot for a couple of hours.. tried working a lot on riding switch toeside, getting better.

at least i was sailing again.

and as i was using a 4.7m i doubt very much there wouldve been enough wind on the lake anyway,

no pics from this session ,its just an empty parking lot heres a few shots from my season opener sup session from last week.. nothin' to do with today, but it was a really good paddle. : )

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cloudy, cool

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  E 5-15 5




  gravity carve 46/north zeta 4.7


  1 hrs.

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