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superfreak and a baby girl.

Wellers Bay the grave yard, Consecon

headed to consecon and checked out lake ontario first..not much worth rigging for there, but wellers bay was white capping nicely, drove back there, rigged the 5.8. superfreak and had about the best session of the year.. started off a bit holey, so went with the kona first.. soon filled in and went for the mistral syncro.. then it went up another notch, wouldve rigged the 5.3... if i had one.. ; P

so packed it in, went back over to check the lake.. still nothing, in fact id say the 'waves' on wellers were bigger than lake ont. ..defo doming.

anyway.. nice day..and would even say the water in the bay was warm.

then to top it off, i became an uncle again while i was bouncing around in the Weller Bay chop.. Ella Grace made her surprise debut 3 weeks early! entering this world at a whopping 5lbs 11oz.

: )

Weather Conditions

sunny windy warm

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 15-25 15




  kona 11 5, mistral syncro /superfreak 5.8


  2 hrs.

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