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Malavent windsurfing blog platform

Postby laf1greg » Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:42 pm

Hi, my name is Greg, I'm a web developper and a windsurfer from Montreal.

The windsurfing trip season is arriving and there is a lot of photographer, writer, wind reporter among us. On the other side lots of us like to read story of others and see pictures of their windsurfing.

That's why I created a blog platform for canadian to ease the process of publishing wind related content. Me and GTJ are already on the platform ( AND

So the idea is that I don't really like the time consuming process of publishing images on the internet so I've eased it by creating a system where you send an email (with attached images or not) to an adress that is personnal to you and this email is automaticaly published on your blog with it's attached images in less than one minute.

By the way it can be used to easily host your images if your want to put it in a post on this forum.

So I'm offering to every one the possibility of having their own blog on this platform. Here are the advantages :
  • - your own adress :
    - you publish text and photo by sending a simple email
    - you can publish easily from an Iphone by sending this email
    - you still have the possibility to log in and modify you post
    - you can put your own adsens ads to make money with your blog
    - There is a summary page with all the blog (
    - You stay owner of your stuff
    - there will be a link on every image to put it on this forum if you want
    - I'm a web developper so I can make the platform evolv
    - you keep your stuff away from multibillion site like facebook who sells your data
    - your share with your family and friends
Write me if your interested I'll set your blog fastly! ( )

Happy Holidays


BTW you can test the concept on by sending a mail/post to and go in category test

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